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Scarless Breast Implant Surgery

for Different Patient Groups

Dr. Lo customizes scarless breast implant surgery to each individual patient. Based on a patient’s goals and wishes and individual anatomy and body type, there are special refinements in techniques that Dr. Lo uses in your scarless breast implant surgery to achieve the best result.

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Scarless Breast Implant Surgery

for Black Women
Although a bad scar can form on anyone, some ethnic groups are at a greater risk of developing a bad scar. This is an important consideration for Black women who are interested in breast implant surgery. Many Black patients decide to have their breast implant surgery by Dr. Lo because of his expertise in performing scarless breast implant surgery through the armpit, thus avoiding any scars on their breasts.

Traditional breast implant surgery using the crease or periareolar cuts may result in breast scars that may not heal well and become a wide scar, bad hypertrophic scar or keloid. These scars are very noticeable, resulting in unhappiness with the breast implant surgery. The scarless breast implant surgery through the armpit cut avoids the issue of a bad visible scar on the breast.

Even with a family history of keloids or bad scarring, Dr. Lo’s scarless breast implant surgery will safely hide the scar within your armpit — eliminating any risk associated with scarring on the breasts. The armpit scar averages 1 to 1½ inches long and is either barely seen at all or looks like a natural crease.

Many women have come to see Dr. Lo with concerns about breast scars with traditional breast implant surgery. The scarless breast implant surgery performed by Dr. Lo now eliminates the concern of breast scars for Black women.

Scarless Breast Implant Surgery

for Asian Women
Higher incidences of bad scars are seen in darker-skinned individuals of Black, Asian, and Hispanic descent. Traditionally, breast implants for Asian women have been placed through the periareolar (nipple incision) or the crease incision. The problem with the periareolar incision is that it sometimes does not heal well, being darker or raised and thus noticeable. This is also a concern with the crease incision (cut underneath the breast), as many Asian women’s breasts after crease breast implant surgery may not be large enough to droop over to hide the incision/cut. Thus, the scar or incision can be seen when looking at the breasts from the front view even though the scar may have healed well.

In all these women, scarless breast implant surgery with an armpit scar is highly recommended to give the best cosmetic result with no scars on the breasts. Because Asian patients lack natural breast tissue, Dr. Lo also recommends using highly cohesive silicone or “gummy bear” implants for a natural look and feel to the breast.

Scarless Breast Implant Surgery

for Models and Adult Entertainers
Scarless breast implant surgery is ideal for models or adult entertainers considering breast augmentation. The “gummy bear” highly cohesive gel silicone implants may be placed through a cut in the armpit that is 1 to 1½ inches long and heals beautifully. The scar will be hidden and rarely seen at all and, if seen, will look like a natural crease.

With scarless breast implant surgery, you avoid the breast scars (underneath the breast scar or nipple scar) that occur with the other breast implant techniques. With these other techniques, breast scars may be seen. After exploring their options, most women choose to have their silicone implant or saline implant surgery performed by Dr. Lo using the scarless breast implant technique.

Any breast size can be achieved, from a B cup to DD cup or larger depending on how much natural breast you have now, your body type, and your goals for the surgery. A more natural look can be achieved or a rounder look depending on the woman’s goals and wishes. A fuller look with as much cleavage as possible is always desirable. Depending on your situation, Dr. Lo recommends approximately one to two weeks of recovery time to allow the implants to settle before you return to modeling or entertaining.

With the scarless breast implant technique, you will not have any scars on your breasts so that you can look and perform at your best with confidence, knowing that your scars are hidden and no one can tell that you had breast implants. Join the thousands of women who have had their breast augmentations with the scarless breast implant technique performed by Dr. Lo.

Scarless Breast Implant Surgery

for Transgender Patients
Dr. Lo is experienced in the differences and special considerations for scarless breast implant surgery in the transgender patient. Most transgender patients wish to have a nice full look and natural feel with as much cleavage as possible. Dr. Lo has treated many transgender patients in his practice, and with his experience, he will assess your chest and breast anatomy, review your goals, and recommend the best options for you to achieve your desired look.

Dr. Lo prefers that you have had hormone treatment prior to your consultation — but this is not a requirement.  Dr. Lo usually recommends using highly cohesive silicone gel or gummy bear implants for a natural feel and look.

Our VECTRA® 3D breast imaging machine will take a picture of your chest/breast area and simulate different implant sizes so you will have a good idea of your new look and what the best implant size is for you. You will be able to try breast implant sizers in your bra to determine what breast size you like.

Learn More About 3D Breast Imaging and Sizing

Beyond Scarless Breast Augmentation

Dr. Lo and his team will guide you through your breast enhancement journey so that you can achieve your dreams. Many patients combine other procedures with scarless breast implant surgery.  Click here to read more about combining your scarless breast surgery with other procedures. 

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