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Thousands of patients like you trust Dr. Adrian Lo to help them make their beauty goals come true. Please enjoy watching our patient testimonial videos and reading their reviews of Dr. Lo and his team. 

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I could write a dissertation on how thoughtful, kind, considerate, timely, patient, friendly, funny, and amazing Dr. Lo and his team are, but it would be too lengthy. Instead, I will say that if you are looking for a realistic, truthful, and dynamic surgeon that will give you recommendations based on what your body tells him, coupled with your realistic vision, then look no further. From your first hello until your last post-op visit, you will always be family to Dr. Lo and his team. So, what are you waiting for? Call to set up your consultation already! As my husband would say “We got boobs” & we are extremely happy. Scarless Breast Augmentation with a lift

CCB. ★★★★★

I found Dr. Lo through a google search while trying to find someone to do my breast augmentation and he was one of the top choices. All I needed to do was look at his before and after photos to make my decision. His results are so extremely natural and i was in love with the scarless option through the armpit incision. I never even consulted with another surgeon! There is absolutely no better option to go for a breast augmentation with amazing natural results and also have your scar be virtually undetectable. The team is so kind and amazing and answers all questions and always kept me up to speed. I am obsessed with my results and I was so scared for such a big surgery. The healing process was so much easier than I could have expected for me personally. The procedure was quick and easy and so was the recovery. I love that he doesn’t make implants look like two circles on your chest and makes them look like real natural breasts. I recommend Dr. Lo to anyone looking to do a breast augmentation for the best results and ones that will boost your confidence! Thank you to everyone in the office!!

Sophia F. ★★★★★

My experience with Dr. Adrian Lo was incredible from start to finish. His staff was friendly, flexible, and easy to work with in scheduling my appointments. Dr. Adrian Lo was very warm and compassionate and showed that he cared about me as a patient. He is very skilled at expressing exactly what I needed as a patient and I really appreciate that. He made me feel safe from the moment I met him and I knew I could trust him with my care and I was not at all nervous about my procedure. The results are incredibly surprising! They are beyond my wildest dreams for what I expected. I didn’t think any doctor could make them turn out so well, but wow, Dr. Adrian Lo achieved a result that exceeded my expectations. I am incredibly happy with my results and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to enlarge their breasts. Again, thank you kindly, I am very satisfied with the results of my surgery. I am very grateful to you Dr. Adrian Lo.

Migdalia H. ★★★★★

Dr. Lo’s office and experience was the best thing I ever did. Every time you walk into the office you feel welcomed and loved by all the staff. Surgery was a breeze when you had your own staff designated to help you with any questions and concerns in the weeks before then also for after. I would recommend anyone for the scarless breast augmentation, not only for the office but the outcome of the surgery was the best! If i could give more than 5 stars i would!

Chelsey S. ★★★★★

I was a transgender patient in Philadelphia seeking breast augmentation surgery…. I decided to go through with the surgery with Lo as, by default, he uses all of the techniques & implant types I’d previously researched as being the best options- an armpit incision + sub-muscular placement, with smooth, round, silicone implants. I asked for a look that was ‘full, but natural’, & am very happy with the outcome…..

Dr. Lo himself has a great sense of humor, was able to answer any questions I had and did a good job of fully overviewing the procedure & his approach. He has a good eye for aesthetics, as evidenced by my outcome….

I am very happy with my outcome and do recommend Dr. Lo to prospective breast augmentation patients looking for somebody local who will do the best work.

Tristan P. ★★★★★

I would give 10 stars if I could! I did a silicone gel breast augmentation with Dr. LO in December of 2021 and words cannot express how happy I am a little over a year later!!!

I consulted with several top surgeons, but ultimately went with Dr. Lo for several reasons:

1. He had the best bedside manner..…. Rather than focusing on nickel and dime-ing potential patients, he also took the time to invest in an imaging machine. Being able to see what my frame would look like with my new additions was amazing and ultimately inspired me to schedule that day.

2. His staff. Every. Single. Person. In the office is friendly, makes you feel at ease, and has no issue answering questions or assisting you. The thought of going into/waking up from surgery with Dr. Lo and his super friendly yet professional nurse staff really put me at ease. The day of the surgery everything went smoothly and, despite the super early surgery time, every person I encountered made me feel relaxed and excited to go into surgery.

3. His work! This speaks for itself if you check his before/afters and accolades, but Dr. Lo’s work is amazing! I started off barely able to fill out an A-cup and he got me to a full C/small D. I started with very little breast tissue and my implants don’t look tight, ripply, or disproportionate to my body at all. All of my friends/family gave (and still give) SO many compliments and can’t get over how natural my breasts look and best of all… I HAVE NO BREAST SCARS! The scar being tucked away in an area that basically goes unseen is truly amazing and my scar healed great (although I will say I followed all of the post-surgery instructions and I still sleep in a surgery or sports bra most nights, honestly feel weird without one!). My aunt is even going to consult with Dr. Lo for a reduction because she saw how positive both my experience and results were first hand.

Overall, I am literally SO happy with not only my experience, but also my results. My breasts feel like they’ve always been mine and my only regret is not going sooner. THANK YOU DR. LO AND STAFF!!!!!!!!!!!

Kayla G. ★★★★★

OMG! Love every step of my process to get my breast augmentation with Dr. ADRIAN LO…since that first called I make; even that I don’t speak English well, Lillith help me to be comfortable, she knows Spanish!! In My first appointment I saw Dr. Adrian with a big smile on his face! I said yesss , this is the doctor I was looking for my surgery . Finally !!.All the team was awesome! Lisa, Denise, Lillith, Nicole .. and the other precious ladies work with the Doctor …. are amazing. They guide me in every step. Answer every question I had, explained everything so good! and of course calm me down the day of my surgery, and after my surgery, DR.ADRIAN called me to check how I was feeling!!! They make sure I was ok. Everything was beautiful ..EVERYTHING!!! THIS TEAM HELP ME MAKE MY DREAM COME TRUE!! I AM TELLING EVERYONE ABOUT MY SURGERY CAUSE I FELT LIKE A QUEEN WITH Dr. ADRIAN LO AND HIS TEAM!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!

Melissa V. ★★★★★

I started my breast augmentation journey with Dr. Lo in September of 2021 and it is hands down one of the best decisions I have ever made. His team became what feels like family & I am so beyond in love with my results. Lily, Denise, Nicole & Tammy treated me with an overwhelming amount of care and kindness; I am forever grateful to them for making me feel so comfortable and taken care of throughout the entire process. I can not recommend this team ENOUGH. 10/10, 5 stars, best plastic surgery practice in PA/NJ! THANK YOU!

Maggie J. ★★★★★

Dr. Lo is absolutely MAGNIFICENT! From the very beginning at consultation up until I walked in that OR room, even my recovery was just magical. I didn’t have any other options, he was my very first surgeon to see and the comfort he and his staff gave me at consultation, I knew he was the one. He performed a BA on me in February 2021 and the recovery has been so smooth that my breast feel as if I was naturally born with them. Dr. Lo “the scarless breast doctor”, you wear your name well. You are amazing at what you do and thank you for this life changing experience! Thank you thank you thank you!!

CH. ★★★★★

I had an amazing experience with Dr. Lo from beginning to end. He’s very professional and attentive, and told me exactly what he was going to do before my surgery (breast augmentation). Surgery went quick and smooth, I was in and out. His incisions are small and precise. It has been about 8 months, and my scars have since faded and healed very well. His PA, Lilly, was also very nice and answered all of my questions pre- and post-surgery. The rest of his staff are all very professional and nice as well. I am very pleased with my results!

SAVAN. ★★★★★

Dr. Lo and his staff are world-class, professional, warm & knowledgeable. My journey started during the pandemic. I decided I was ready to change what I always wanted to enhance, my breast. I had a virtual consultation and I expected a brief discussion then set me up for payment like two surgeons before Dr. Lo did with me, but this consultation was nothing like the rest. That’s when I knew my search was over. Dr. Lo explained everything about the surgery, what to expect, possible complications, before and after care, then with his medical assistant on our zoom, he asked to exam me virtually to determine if I were a candidate. Dr. Lo respectfully stepped out of view and gave me privacy, when I was finished he assessed my breast and Dr. Lo gave me honest feedback. I received an actual consultation! Which no other surgeon did before that. Dr. Lo’s scarless approach, highly trained medical and surgical background, surgery performed at University of Penn hospital and his warmth made my choice extremely easy. I was ready to schedule my surgery within a week. When medical offices reopened I had my in-person consultation and then my surgery approximately a month later. Dr. Lo called me the night of my surgery to check on me, which is such an important attribute. Now 6 months later, I look amazing, a full conservative natural looking C cup, Dr. Lo listened to my wants and he created that. When it comes to your health don’t compromise because of price, the fact the surgery was performed by a board Certified plastic surgeon and the person administering anesthesia is an actual anesthesiologist in a reputable hospital secured my decision. I put my health first and the fact I have no visible scars on my breast was so worth the cost & patience with doing my research. No other surgeon I spoke with had this training. Thank you Dr. Lo!!! I’m forever grateful I found you! You are truly gifted.

CAREY M. ★★★★★

“Last year, I had a breast augment with Dr. Lo, he was one of the only doctors who performs the armpit incision – I LOVE IT, there is no scar on my breast, the recovery was smooth, I rested for a couple days and was feeling back to myself in no time! Dr. Lo and his staff was always available for me, they checked in on me and made me feel like I was their only patient. His office is so busy I know that is not the case, so I was doubly impressed. Next, I was considering a mini face lift, but was pleasantly surprised when Dr. Lo was honest and told me I did not need to have a mini-face lift but rather just some smooth out some fine lines and sun damage from years of tanning back in the day! He explained why I was not a face lift candidate but acknowledged what was bothering me about my face/skin. He said to come back in few years and he would see if perhaps I would need it but he didn’t want me to waste my money for no real reason now! Thank you Dr. Lo – am a very happy patient and have recommended you to everyone I have spoken to about my ‘improvements’…”

LORI Z. ★★★★★

What an amazing experience!!! After researching local surgeon’s in the area, I decided to go with Dr. Adrian Lo for my breast augmentation surgery. I knew as soon as I had my consultation that I not only trusted his opinion, but I knew I was in great hands. We had discussed and tried on some different sizes to accommodate my body and I knew I was ready to sign the dotted line! Dr. Lo is right to the point, he knew what I was looking for and listened to all of my concerns. I never felt rushed or pressured. Dr. Lo is a no nonsense guy- and I really liked that!

I decided to go with the silicone gel implants and my only regret is that I didn’t do this sooner! I am now 2 weeks post-op and had a smooth and speedy recovery. I was previously a 34 B (kind of saggy) and just wanted more fullness and less droopiness. I am now a 34D and whoa, they are amazing! I was nervous about getting back to work, the pain post-op, and how the armpit incision would feel after. I was back to work in 5 days, pain was gone after 2-3 days and my incisions look fantastic! They are small armpit incisions (which leave my breasts completely scarless!!!). I am now fully functional at 2 weeks and I love my new breasts! They are falling into place perfectly.

I feel like Dr. Lo really listened to me, and really understood the look I wanted to achieve. I thought the only way I was going to be able to get the look I wanted was through a breast lift and an implant and Dr. Lo was able to do it with an implant only (WOW!) . I was so pleasantly surprised! His office staff, Tammi, Mildred, and Jami, are amazing as well! They made me feel super comfortable and walked me through every step of the way.

Seriously, after being on the fence for so long about having a breast augmentation, I’m glad I went with Dr. Lo. I would go back in a heartbeat. (Not to mention I now have the cleavage I’ve always wanted even without a bra!!!) Thank you Dr. Lo!”

ANGIE N ★★★★★

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