Scarless Breast Implants for Transgender Patients

Based on Dr. Lo’s experience, he will assess your chest and breast anatomy, review your goals, and recommend the best options for you to achieve your desired look. Dr. Lo is well aware of the differences and special considerations for breast implant surgery in the transgender patient!

Most transgender patients wish to have a nice full look and natural feel with as much cleavage as possible. Dr. Lo prefers that you have had hormone treatment first – but this is not a requirement. For larger cup sizes, Dr. Lo usually recommends saline implants – but for a more natural feel, you may choose to have the Gummy Bear silicone implants.

Our 3D Vectra Breast imaging machine will take a picture of your chest/breast area and simulate different sizes of implants so you will have a good idea of your new look and what the best-sized implant is for you. You will be able to try breast implant sizers in your bra, and see what look you like best.

Dr. Lo and his team will guide you through your dream for breast enhancement. It is is also possible to combine other procedures with the scarless breast implant surgery as well; such as rhinoplasty(a nose job), or liposuction.

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Actual Patient

Actual Patient