Scarless Breast Implants

Traditional breast implant surgeries involve making an incision underneath your breast or below your nipple, which will result in a scar on those areas.

“Scarless” breast implant surgery is a technique refined by Dr. Adrian Lo where your breast implants are placed through a cut in your armpit, leaving your breasts WITHOUT ANY scars. This procedure is called a transaxillary breast augmentation, but many of Dr. Lo’s patients refer to it as “scarless” breast implant surgery.

What Makes This a “Scarless” Breast Augmentation?

The “scarless” breast implant placement technique does not make any cuts or incisions on the breast. Therefore, there will not be any scars on the breasts. In addition, the armpit scar is almost invisible, which is why many women refer to it as the “scarless” technique.

Because the incision heals so well and is hidden, women can continue to wear all styles of clothing, including sleeveless dresses and tank tops.

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What Are the Advantages of Scarless Breast Implant Surgery?

Many women choose the scarless breast implant technique for their breast implant surgery and are thrilled with the results.

Benefits of the Scarless Breast Implant Technique:

  • Avoids scars on the breasts, as a small 1 to 1½ inch cut (incision) is made in each armpit to place the silicone or saline implants.
  • Avoids cutting the breast tissue to place the breast implants underneath the muscle.
  • Offers a choice of implants, as the procedure can be used for either saline implants or gummy bear/highly cohesive silicone gel implants.
  • Offers precise placement of implants, as Dr. Adrian Lo uses a specialized endoscopic system to precisely place the implants in the proper position to give you the perkiness and cleavage you desire!
  • Results in almost invisible armpit scars. Most patients find that the armpit incision heals well and is barely visible!
  • Recovery is easier. Women sometimes wonder if this type of surgery is more difficult or more painful, and the answer is no to both. The surgery is easier to perform and recover from!
  • Post-op care is simple. After surgery, patients should wash and apply antibiotic ointment to the armpit once a day. The stitches will dissolve on their own. Deodorant and shaving can be resumed in five days.

Scarless Breast Implant Surgery With an Expert Plastic Surgeon

Over the last 25 years, Dr. Adrian Lo has performed thousands of breast implant surgeries this way, and the scar heals beautifully and is almost invisible. Dr. Lo has the most experience in this technique in the Delaware Valley region and is considered an expert in scarless breast implant surgery.

Scarless breast implant surgery will give you the best possible look without any scars on your breasts. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Lo to get exactly what you want — your desired cup size, fullness, perkiness, cleavage, and more. The best part is — NO SCARS — no one will know you have implants.

View Dr. Lo’s before and after photos of the scarless breast implant technique.

We also encourage you to watch our video testimonials from scarless breast implant patients and to read other patient testimonials.

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