Scarless Breast Implants for Models and Adult Entertainers

Scarless Breast Augmentation - Adult Entertainer

The Scarless Breast Implant technique is ideal for women considering breast augmentation who are models or who are adult entertainers. Saline or the gummy bear silicone implants may be placed through a cut in the armpit that is about 1 inch long and heals beautifully. The scar will be hidden and rarely seen at all, and if seen will look like a natural crease. With the Scarless Breast Implant technique, you avoid the breast scars (underneath the breast scar or nipple scar) that are common with the other breast implant techniques. With these other techniques, breast scars often do not heal well and may be seen. After exploring their options, most women choose to have their saline or gummy bear/silicone implant surgery performed by Dr. Lo using the Scarless Breast Implant technique.

Any breast size can be achieved from a B cup to DD cup or larger depending on how much breast you have now, your body type and your goals for the surgery. A more natural look can be achieved or a rounder, “perkier” look depending on the women’s goals and wishes. A lifted look with as much as cleavage as possible is always desirable. Depending on the women’s situation, Dr. Lo recommends approximately one week to allow the implants to settle and for the women to return to modeling or entertaining.

Your first step is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Lo to discuss your goals and wishes. During the consultation, 3D imaging of your breasts will be performed to determine the best implant size for you. Dr. Lo’s medical assistant will discuss your preferred cup size with you and you will try silicone sizer’s in your bra to see what your new look will be! You are welcome to bring pictures of breasts that you have found in magazines or the internet that you like and see if that look is possible for you.

With the Scarless Breast Implant technique, you will have no scars on your breasts so that you can look and perform at your best with confidence, knowing that your scars are hidden and no one can tell that you had breast implants. Join the hundreds of women who have had their breast augmentations with the Scarless Breast Implant technique performed by Dr. Lo.