Scarless Breast Implants for Asian Women

Scarless Breast Implant Technique in the Asian Woman

Traditionally breast implants for Asian women have been placed through the periareolar (nipple incision) or the crease incision. The problem with the periareolar incision is that it sometimes does not heal well; being darker or raised and thus becoming very noticeable and embarrassing. This is also a concern with the crease incision(cut underneath the breast) as many Asian women’ s breasts after traditional breast implant surgery may not be large enough to droop over and hide the incision/cut. Thus the scar or incision becomes noticeable looking at the front view of the breasts even though the scar may have healed well.

Scarless Breast Augmentation - Armpit Incision Scar







In all these women, the scarless breast implant technique with an armpit scar is highly recommended to give the best cosmetic result possible. Dr. Lo also recommends using silicone implants in Asian patients due to a lack of natural breast tissue.

You will have a small hidden scar that no one will ever see with the breasts you have always wanted!

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