Breast Lift


Often, women come to Dr. Adrian Lo because they want their breasts to look better that is fuller, larger, more cleavage, youthful, perkier, firmer and a more lifted look. In these situations, Dr. Lo may recommend a breast lift with implants. The breast lift will remove loose saggy skin and reshape the breasts while implants give the volume and cup size that you desire. You may choose either saline implants which give a fuller firmer look or the gummy bear silicone implants which have a more natural feel and look.

Often, breast implants alone will impart or give a “lifted” look to the breasts so that many women may not require a breast lift. If a woman is willing to have a larger breast size, then the use of larger breast implants may avoid the need for a traditional breast lift and still give the desired look. The use of implants is always desired and preferred to a traditional breast lift to avoid the additional scars associated with a traditional breast lift or a “mini” breast lift. Dr. Adrian Lo performs many types of breast lifts to give you the best result possible and to minimize scars or cuts on your breasts.

One of Dr Lo’s preferred breast lift procedures is the vertical breast lift or mastopexy sometimes called the “Lollipop Lift” which he individualizes for your situation.

As always, your individual situation must be assessed and if there is severe breast sagging then a breast lift would be required. Call for an immediate consultation in our Philadelphia or New Jersey office.

The picture above illustrates the incisions or cuts for a vertical mastopexy or “lollipop” lift

The picture above illustrates the Inverted T or Anchor mastopexy or breast lift