Scarless Breast Implants Surgery

Scarless Breast Implant Surgery and Saline Implants.

Dr Adrian Lo was one of the early innovators of Scarless Breast Implant surgery or transaxillary breast  augmentation in the Philadelphia area starting in 1991. Dr. Lo began refining the technique by using  a video system and endoscope, which is a camera at the end of a long thin tube to assist in making a  precise pocket for placement of the breast implant. By making a small 1 inch cut in the armpit, your  saline breast implant is placed in the exact position behind your muscle(called submuscular placement)  and natural breast . Once the saline implant is placed, then it is inflated with saline(natural salt water)  to your desired cup size be it a B, C, D , DD size or larger. The scarless breast implant technique is ideal  for women wishing to have saline breast implants or saline breast augmentation. Dr Lo has performed  saline implants through the armpit cut in hundreds of women over the last 23 years meeting their goals  for their ideal breast look.  Scarless Breast Implant Surgery and Gummy Bear Implants.

Dr. Adrian Lo has refined the scarless breast implant technique so that the new “Gummy Bear” implants  or highly cohesive gel/silicone implants can be placed through the cut in the armpit. This is great news,  as in the past, the cut or incision had to be made underneath the breast(crease incision) or below the  nipple(areola incision). Now you can have no scars on your breast and still enjoy the benefits of the  gummy bear/silicone implants. Dr Adrian Lo is one of few plastic surgeons in the country that perform  this technique. Call Dr Lo for a consultation and see if you are a candidate for scarless breast implant  surgery with gummy bear implants as most women will qualify for this advanced technique. Dr Lo has  placed all sizes of silicone or gummy bear implants through the armpit from 225 cc to 750 cc.